Who is Deviate Brewing

  • A small scale brewery and tasting room purposely built to allow brewing flexibility and deviations to classic beer styles. 
  • Offering 12 constantly rotating taps of  deviating hand crafted beer to keep you returning to see what new flavored craft beers are available. 
  • Small, intimate and local focus with in-house pint sales in addition to offering 16 oz cans and limited 22 oz bottles to go.  Everything is made and sold through our tasting room to insure optimal quality.
  • Targeting those with an adventuresome palate who enjoy craft beer with fun flavor combinations.  (i.e. Piña Colada IPA with coconut and pineapple, Jalapeño Cornbread Cream ale and a Peanut Butter Stout)
  • Brewery and tasting room located on the Northwest side of Indianapolis at 96th and Michigan
  • Serving craft beer in Indianapolis for 8 years and counting

Fundamental philosophies of Deviate Brewing

  • A dedication to produce high quality and unique craft beer offerings on a regular basis
  • A constant rotation of tap offerings to cater to the adventuresome palate
  • A small scale brewery specifically designed to allow flexibility to support a diverse tap list that can change with market demands

Why the name Deviate Brewing?

Reflects our fundamental brewing and business approach which all revolves around the concept of deviating from the norm.

  • We will deviate from standard beer styles.
  • We will deviate from standard dispensing techniques.
  • We will deviate from a standard brewery setup and layout.
  • We will deviate from traditional brewing practices.

What Drives Us

Our goal is to fulfill a lifelong dream by putting to use our homebrew experience and love for craft beer. We want to couple that passion with the growing market of foodies and craft beer lovers in Indianapolis. We want to show our creative style and spin to craft beer styles and try new techniques not traditionally done to satisfy the evolving Beer Connoisseur palate.

About the Owners

We (Mike and Greg) worked for the same company and were relocated from the Cincinnati area to Indy in 1995. Soon after, we were introduced to our first Belgian style beers (Chimay, LaChouffe) and have been hooked on good beer ever since. It progressed to the inevitable challenge of making our own home brew versions of the shared beers we loved and with the donation of our first brewing equipment from a friend, we started our beer making journey about 18 years ago. From the beginning, we both found common ground having similar tastes in beer styles which progressed to a shared obsession of trying to figure out how our favorites were made. We both shared in the fun of sharing our results with friends and watching their reactions, which kept us motivated to make more. We continue to play to each other’s strengths. Mike is excited about the technical part of brewing and Greg enjoys determining flavor combinations and fun new things to try. Our joint passion to make fun, creative craft beer coupled with our individual strengths makes a good brewing team that works well together.